Thursday, 19 April 2018

My current journals.

My journals

My Journals.

I have always loved writing, at school I loved writing short stories and essays. In primary school we were given the task from a teacher to write in a journal for a week. Thanks to this teacher, I decided to start writing in a diary the following year, my first year in High School. I wrote in a diary for about two years before I got tired of it. I tried many times to start a diary or journal again, but always ended up throwing it away after just writing a few pages. But in 2016, two years ago, I found my interest again for diaries and journals. 

I first started using a Hobonichi as a daily diary. It's actually a planner that many people use as a kind of journal. Since I'm not the best in art og drawing, I did most writing in it. Since then I have used many different kind of notebooks. Today I have five different journals, which I use for different things.

  • The blue book: Journal prompts. I love writing and prompts give me a chance to write more. A great way to answer question about your self or think about things from your past life you perhaps have forgotten for some years. 
  • The first red book: Gratitude journal. I must honestly admit that I'm not as good at using it as I should. In this journal I write down five things that I am grateful for during the day. 
  • The second red book: Dream journal. I dream a lot of weird dreams and I usually don't remember what I've dreamed about. Only the feeling of waking up and thinking: What the hell? Lol. But when I do remember, I find it very fascinating and have to write about it in this journal.
  • The green journal: My everyday journal. In this journal I write about everything between heaven and earth, things I feel I must tell the future me. 
  • The flourished journal: My Hobonichi journal. Since 2016 I have had a hobonichi journal/planner every year. This year I have used it to write in, filled it with stickers and washi tapes, pictures, to-do list, my favorite lists and some drawings. Yes, I try to get better at drawing. I love drawing, but I'm far from good at it. 
Do you like journals? Do you have any tips for journals/notebooks you like to write in? Feel free to share with the world :-)

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