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Movie review: Love, Simon (2018). SPOILERS!

Love, Simon is based on Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda by Becky Albertalli. We follow 17-year-old Simon Spier played by Nick Robinson. Everyone deserves a great love story, but for Simon things are a little bit more complicated. Nobody knows he's gay or that he's falling for this boy he is talking to online, one of his classmates - Blue. When Martin, the class clown read his emails by a accident things starts to escalate. Now Simon is being blackmailed and if he doesn't play wingman and help Martin get a date with Abby, one of Simon's bestfriends, Martin will tell the entire school about his sexuality and his emails. At the same time Simon is trying to figure out who the boy behind the emails is. 

I'm a big fan of the book, but I have to say I loved the movie too. Although the movie is not exactly as the book. Simon's hair in the movie is perhaps the biggest difference with Simon from the book. I loved Nick as Simon and felt they could not find a better actor to play him. So for me, it did not matter that he was not exactly like Simon I knew from the book. I liked the other actors too, especially the parents and his friends: Abby, Leah and Nick. Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel was perfect as Simon's parents.

I felt the story itself was much the same, although some small details were slightly changed. In the book Leah don't like Abby and is jealous of her, because they both like Nick. In the movie Abby and Leah seems to be quite good friends and she is instead in love with Simon. While Simon thinks Leah is in love with Nick, which he also believed in the book. At first I thought; What? When she told Simon. But for the movie it did make sense in a way and not weird at all.  I liked the actor who played Nick, but I thought it was a pity that they changed how Nick talk to Simon about Simon's sexuality. I felt in the book they showed more of the close friendship between Nick and Simon, specially after his friends find out about it. Their close friendship has always been on of my favorite things from the book, so I thought it was a shame they did not included it in the movie. I liked that they did not change that Simon told Abby first. The car scene with Simon and Abby was quite similar to the book. 

Martin was just the way I imagined he should be. Nerdy, annoying and funny. Although I always disliked him in the book and in the movie because he told everyone about Simon. I felt a bit sorry for him. Especially his crush on Abby. And then to the one person I was very excited to see ... The guy behind the emails. And yes they find the right guy for the job without a doubt. 

I love how the movie did the secret identity of Blue situation. I liked that we saw the different boys whom Simon thought was the boy behind the emails. Right toward the end. I was a little skeptical when they showed Bram writing emails to Simon quite quickly in the movie. I felt it was the most exciting thing about the book and not knowing who he was right away. Then I realize we would see different boys throughout the movie, writing emails to him, as it was just a part of Simon's thoughts in his head. I was glad Bram was the first boy Simon thought was Blue. Since it's a movie, we can't read the main characters thoughts like in a book. In the book Simon does not understand that it's Bram right away, but he clearly shows that he likes Bram. The modest boy sitting at the same table as him during lunch break. I liked that they showed Simon and Bram together before the ending of the movie, at the party together and at the lunch/school. Simon is not quite aware of the other boy who looks at him since he is busy waiting for answers from Blue on his phone. I found it very funny and sweet. In the book, Bram found out that Simon was Simon pretty early. I think that was also the case in the movie. It seemed like Bram hinted quite often to Simon, about the things they talked about in the emails. One of the thing was him liking oreo cookies. 

I loved the movie and will certainly see it more times. But I felt they made the movie darker and more dramatic, where it was not needed. The book was more light and happy. Specially after his friends found out that he was gay and that Martin blackmailed him. Yes, I understand they were hurt because Simon had lied to them and hurt them, but they did not try to understand his situation at all. I felt Leah had her own reasons. The boy she was in love with did not like her back and he was gay. But I felt she was the one of his friends that supported him most, Abby and Nick used a long time thinking about their own situations instead of Simon and what he was feeling. The ending was another thing they had changed in the movie. I love the movie ending and it was perfect as a ending for a rom-com. But I love the book ending so much more. I feel the book ending is more about Bram and Simon, and their relationship. I must also metion the scenes Simon had with his mother after he had come out and later with his father. it was very touching and I could not help crying when I saw it. Nick Robinson was very good at showing feelings that seems so real in those scenes.   

If you have not seen the movie, I would recommend it. Yes, it's a little different than the book. But I'm equally fond of both the book and the movie. They are unique in their own way. 

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